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Countryside Accounting is an accounting firm serving clients through the Mid-Michigan region. We are committed to providing the highest possible service in the most efficient manner possible. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients in an effort to better serve their needs.

We provide comprehensive services to our clients in three major areas:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Management Advisory Services

Accounting - We provide a full range of accounting services to meet our clients' needs for management information, financial statements and tax accounting records including: computerized bookkeeping services, including payroll and sales tax returns, for clients for whom it is not practical to maintain these functions.

Taxation -  Tax planning and advisory services offered by our firm can be an integral part of the success of your business. We prepare all types of returns including corporate, partnership, individual, estate, and trust. We participate in continuing professional education to stay current on the ever changing tax laws so we can offer our clients a broad base of technical expertise.

Management Advisory Services - We believe the role of the accountant is more than compiling numbers at the end of the year. With our experience, education, and knowledge of your business or personal situation, we can assist you in making sound business decisions. From year-end tax planning to consultation throughout the year, we are available and committed to making your business a success.

Tax Management Services

At Countryside Accounting, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow and keep you on track to your financial goals. Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws. We are knowledgeable and up to date on the tax laws and can make sense of your receipts, bills and notices.

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Accounting Services

From start-ups to established enterprises, businesses rely on accurate and insightful financial information in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. Countryside Accounting's accounting services steer you closer to these goals with accurate record-keeping and reporting as well as support on financial issues such as initial accounting system setup, cost-containment, tax planning, and investments.

These services include but are not limited to:
-General ledger and financial statement preparation
-Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, or annual)
-Accounting System setup and support
-Payroll processing
-Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
-Personal financial statements

We can set up financial reports for your view to streamline your business and save you valuable time. These reports are important tools that can guide your business in making financial decisions, planning, and evaluation performance.

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Accurate record-keeping is essential to a successful business yet can also be complicated and time consuming. Countryside Accounting can help you with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so that you can focus on your core business.

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Entity Selection and Restructuring

Your business entity has a large impact on your taxes and other liabilities. From your company's inception through its growth and development, Countryside Accounting can advise you on choosing an entity type and later restructuring if advantageous. With our knowledge and expertise, you will always be receiving the most advantageous entity type for the functions you business performs.

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QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance

QuickBooks can provide useful and timely information in the form of financial statements, reports and graphs. However, it can only provide this information if you purchase the right product and then install, setup and use it properly. We don't just help you use the software, we help you use it more efficiently and more effectively.

Countryside Accounting offers the following solutions to help meet your QuickBooks needs:

Personal Training - We train you personally! Either one-on-one or several individuals within your organization at your company's location.

Installation - We install QuickBooks on your stand alone computer or in a network environment, in either single or multi-user mode.

Setup - We assist new QuickBooks users with initial setup including: EasyStep Interview, Preferences, Lists, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking and Reports. We also help experienced users manage their businesses more effectively by improving their current setup. Many users experience problems and lack the ability to track important information as a result of inadequate setup.

Support - Our QuickBooks support service can assist you with any installation, setup or operation assistance you might need. In addition, our support is not limited just to the software part of it, but we can also provide accounting and payroll assistance.

Review - Our QuickBooks review service helps companies that have human resources to perform daily accounting and payroll tasks, but need an accounting and payroll expert to review your transactions, accounts and reports. This review ensures that you receive timely, relevant and reliable financial information. We also inform you of any corrections, adjustments or reclassifications necessary to ensure that the financial information you receive reflects the correct financial condition of your business. Reviews may be conducted at any time, but monthly reviews provide you with up-to-date information and feedback about your business.

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Payroll Services

Countryside Accounting can help you reduce the time spent on administration through developing and implementing a computerized payroll system the will facilitate processing, timely payment and preparation of tax returns.

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Payroll Express Services

The service includes writing payroll checks and preparing all related reports which must be filed with the various government agencies. All of your current deductions for insurance, 401(k), employee advances, garnishments, etc. can be handled without any problem.

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Financial Projections and Forecasts

No one can predict the future perfectly, but we can all benefit from planning for it. Countryside Accounting combines expertise and experience with a gain understanding of your business to produce financial projections that can help you manage your business plan and spending. Forecasting for the future is imperative to your company's success. We make it a point to keep current with market trends and updates so that your business can be prepared for what is to come. Depending on your needs, our work can range from top-level reports to detail financial models.

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